1. I want to return a damaged article! What do i do?
Please use the return form thats included in your delivery.
You will find enclosed all information for your return. If you have lost the form, please send an email to weiterweiter@b-slogistik.de

2. I don't want the article anymore! How can i cancel my order?
You have read our terms and conditions and therefore know after which terms and conditions you can withdraw your order. The easiest way is to send us an e-mail to: weiterweiter@b-slogistik.de


3. What forms of payment are accepted?
Creditcard ( visa, mastercard ) , prepayment, cash on delivery, paypal.
We are currently working on offering you other payment methods.

4. How can i find out how much it costs to ship my order?
You can find all prices on "terms of delivery".
The shipping costs will appear in your shopping basket after you choose a method of payment.


5. Where do you ship to?
We either deliver directly to you or to a different delivery adress.
We ship worldwide, see "terms of delivery".

6. When do you deliver?
As fast as we can.
You can see on your desired item if it is available.
If it is in stock the delivery takes between 2-3 business days within germany.
For deliveries to austria and switzerland it mostly takes a day longer.
We can not give accurate details for shippings to the rest of the world.
If you want to know how long your delivery takes if it is outside of germany, austria or switzerland, please contact us at kundenweiterweiter@b-slogistik.de

7. Where is my delivery?
You will receive a tracking number that shows you the status of your delivery and where it is.


8. I want to sign up, how can i do that?
Just click on "account" and enter your personal data. We will only use your data to process your delivery. The next time you're shopping with us, the shop will remember you and you don't have to type in antyhing again.

9. I don't want to sign up, but i still want to buy something!
That's no problem. You have to type in your details every time you order, because we delete all data after your buy.


10. I want to change my personal data
go to "account", there you can check and change everything. Please make sure that your information is always up to date so we can deliver your order to the right destination.


11. How does the basket work?
If you want to buy something, click on the shopping basket symbol on the item and the article is added to your shopping basket.

12. How can i change the amount?
Just go to the column "amount" and type in the number or use the + and - keys to change the amount. The total value of the goods will automatically be adjusted.

13. Can i also change the size?
You can't change the size once you've put your item in the shopping basket. You have to delete the item and add the article in the right size again.

14. Can i still buy something during the checkout?
If you're already checking out and still want to add something, no problem: click on the category you want to shop in. The items in your shopping basket will stay there until you properly check out.

15. Can i remove an item in the shopping basket?
Of course! Just click click "delete" on the item in your shopping basket.

16. Which size is the right one?
Little differences are possible due to us using textiles from different manufacturers.

Usually our items fit just how you're used to it.
That means :
s - small
m - medium
l - large
xl - extra large
xxl - extra extra large

17. How can i redeem a voucher?
To redeem a voucher go to your shopping basket and log in or enter your information.
Below the basket a "redeem voucher" form will appear.
Enter your voucher code and confirm. The value of the voucher will be added to the value of your goods. If the value of your voucher is higher than the value of your goods we can not refund the remaining amount.


18. Is my data safe?
We will treat all your personal information you give us during your registration and order as confidential. All your data is encrypted with the ssl (secure socket layer).
You can find more information on ssl and privacy on our privacy policy.
Further questions? Just mail to weiterweiter@b-slogistik.de